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​"Theatre is as essential to civilization as safe, pure water."  -​ Vanessa Redgrave

Dramaworks is dedicated to the production of the highest quality, thought provoking, stimulating and fun theatre.  ​​Our play selections consists of recent works from Broadway and Off Broadway as well as the great American classics and selections from around the world. 


​                                        COMING SOON -  Walter Cronkite is Dead ​by Joe Calarco


A fierce thunderstorm has shut down Reagan International Airport in Washington as well as up and down the entire East Coast.  Patty, a chatty southerner, a blue collar from a red state, who is almost physically unable to tolerate silence is searching for a seat. The only available one is next to Margaret at a table in a lounge. Margaret is a well educated, reserved liberal and not interested in sharing her table or he thoughts with Patty. Forced into it, the two begin a conversation which is often funny but also difficult, deeply revealing and astonishingly frank.

"Calarco demonstrates impressive maturity with his lively and insightful dialogue. The play 's sermon against demonizing those with whom we disagree couldn't be more relevant." - ​Variety 

"Very funny, thoroughly charming . . . The play is a ninety minute treasure chest that keeps revealing new gems of wisdom and humor right to the end."  - The North County San Diego Times

"When you come into the theater, you have to say, We're all here to undergo a communion, to find out what the hell
   is going on in this world."
​- David Mamet


This Photo is the A.C.T. Studio Theatre in Florida of which Ed Wilhelms was the founder and artistic director                                                               



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