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Theatre is as essential to civilization as safe, pure water."  -​ Vanessa Redgrave

Dramaworks is dedicated to the production of the highest quality, thought provoking, stimulating and fun theatre. Theatre to excite, entertain, make you laugh and make you think about the world around us. 

Our play selections consists of recent works from Broadway and Off Broadway as well as the great American classics and selections from around the world. 

  When you come into the theater, you have to say, We're all here to undergo a communion, to find out what the hell 
  is going on in this world."
​- David Mamet

 ​                                            ---- UP NEXT ---- SPRING 2018 ----

​                               ​         The Christians
​By Tony Award Nominee Lucas Hnath
​        A mega church pastor changes his mind about one of the fundamental
​        beliefs of his church and what happens when you challenge peoples faith.

​             ​This is a story of religion in America, trust, money and challenging beliefs.                                

                                                                     ​Dates and times to be Announced                


                          The photographs below are from "Him", "Agnes of God", "Match" and "Speed-The-Plow"






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