​​Dramaworks ​Theatre Company ​

​"Theatre is as essential to civilization as safe, pure water."  -​ Vanessa Redgrave

Dramaworks is dedicated to the production of the highest quality, thought provoking, stimulating and fun theatre.  

Our play selections consists of recent works from Broadway and Off Broadway as well as the great American classics and selections from around the world. 

​"When you come into the theater, you have to say, We're all here to undergo a communion, to find out what the hell
   is going on in this world."
​- David Mamet

​                                  AUDITION - SATURDAY OCTOBER 22nd 10 AM to 1 PM  

 Ed Wilhelms is casting the role of Nick in the play The Guys​ by Anne Nelson. The play, based on a true story,  was first produced at the Flea Theatre in New York in 2001 with Sigourney Weaver as Joan and Bill Murray as Nick. The time is not quite two weeks after the attack on the World Trade Center. Nick is a Captain on the New York Fire Department and has an appointment with Joan, an Editor who he will ask for help in writing the eulogies of the many men he lost that day.

The audition and rehearsals will be at the meeting hall at the Shoreline Church at 287 Shore Road (Rt.1), Old Lyme Ct.